lundi 31 janvier 2011

Mohana et la robe branchages

Robe brodée main. Soie teinte et peinte à la main rebrodée de fils de soie et de diamants bruts. Fourrure ancienne. Montage haute-couture.
Plusieurs dizaines d'heures de travail.

Creation Sarah Shantti.

"Mohana. Timeless Demoiselle"
She is a fully articulated porcelaine doll. OOAK (I resculpt porcelain before firing).
She is 37cm tall.
Doll master is a personal creation. Eyes and wig are handmade.
She wears a handmade silk dress, hand embroidered with diamond chips.
Silk fabric is hand dyed and hand painted.
Pattern is a personal creation for the dress and the embroidery.
Embroidery is made with silk floss and real diamond chips. Fur is vintage (grany closet).

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